Fred and Heather Walker present:

The Magicwalkers Illusion Show

Photograph by Anne White

"Today it is hard to find family safe entertainment that is interesting for all ages. Yesterday you provided that for us with the Magicwalkers. The Magicwalkers were engaging and entertaining from the first few seconds of the show until the last bedazzling act with the box and rope. My family and are not prone to public outbursts but we found ourselves being surprised and delighted to such an extent that we were yelling out our praise. Fred and Heather did a great job of keeping us excited, laughing, and wanting more.  "

What a great time!

Thank you,

Stephen Watson and family

Fred and Heather Walker have been performing magic for over 30 years.  Their performances have taken them on many adventures.  On the high sea’s the duo served as resident magicians on the Caribe I.  From coast to coast the Walker’s have performed corporate events from Anaheim California (Dale Carnegie International Convention) to New York, New York (Made the CEO of JFK Airport appear).  Many seasons of theme park shows include performances for Hershey, Six Flags, and Knoebel’s.  College tours have put the Magicwalker’s on stages for many schools in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the National Association of Campus Activities.

The Magicwalkers Illusion Show is a full stage extravaganza.  Complete with large illusions, custom backdrop, lighting and sound, the Magicwalkers make presenting a show easy on their sponsors.  Show length can be tailored to your needs, ranging from 15 minutes to a full evening 90 minute spectacular.

The Show:

  Opening with a short section set to upbeat music the duo feature their mini-managerie, of several snow white doves and a Netherland's Dwarf Rabitt, appearing, disappearing, and performing tricks of their own.  What follows is the 'get to know eachother' section of their show, with interactive magic using ropes, cards, money and a bowl of fruit.  Mix in some mind reading, and an impossible prediction and we are ready for the big finish.  The show closes with Fred's attempt to pull Heather through a one inch hole, using a piece of cloths line.  An amazing show with lot's of laughs along the way.


Their "Rock n Roll Magic" show has been a hit at Knoebels theme park for over 10 summers in a row.  Whether you choose one of the themed shows or just the family fun "Magicwalkers Illusion Show" you can be certain your audience will be delighted, and the kid in everyone will be amazed!

In addition to her work in the Magicwalkers Illusion Show, Heather Walker is the owner and Director of Jaztabal Dance, a dance studio inspiring young artists for more than 20 years.

Heather Walker, Fred Walker, and their niece Laura perform the illusion "Thru a One Inch Hole" in the "Rock n Roll Magic Show".

The investment:

Show prices range from $800.00 to $6000.00 depending on length and size of the show.  Size of a show is based on the number of large illusions (up to 10) that are presented.  The complexity of a larger show increases the personel and logistics costs.

"The best magic show I have ever seen"

       Fred's Dad